Bozeman reschedules street sweeping due to snow


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Sunday night's weather forced the city of Bozeman to reschedule street cleaning that was planned for Monday morning.

The city had intended to clear sand and foliage off of many of Bozeman's core commuting routes connecting MSU's campus to downtown. But workers had to be reassigned for snow plowing.

Bozeman Streets Superintendent John Van Delinder says when weather disrupts scheduled services like this, it has the potential to push other projects back.

Van Delinder told us, "If we put a day off today and we do that, that puts another day off to paving, moves everything to the end of the summer. And in Bozeman, you only have so much time to do everything. And then October comes and we're ready for leaf cleanup and it's going to start snowing again. So we have a short amount of time to get everything done that we've got scheduled right now."

The street cleaning that was scheduled to be done Monday will now be moved to the end of the cleaning schedule.

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