Bozeman protesters rally against GMOs, Monsanto



BOZEMAN, Mont. - Dozens rallied in Bozeman to speak out against Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs and the seed company Monsanto.

Organizers tell us Bozeman's "March Against Monsanto" is part of a worldwide effort to spread the word about the dangers of GMOs and protest a new law that streamlines the regulatory process to allow genetically engineered crops, even if the environmental impact is disputed in court.

Genetically modified plants come from seeds designed to resist insecticides, increase nutritional value and crop yields.

But folks we talked to say they make people sick and are harmful to the environment.

"We have the right to know. It's as simple as that. If they're so proud of their product, label it," says protester Karen Suplee.

Protester A.J. Scaff says he's been growing his own food for years.

"There's flavor in natural foods. There's no reason we need to be manipulating what nature gave us millions of years ago and have kept us alive and sustained us," explains Scaff.

Organizers also hope to spread awareness about the impact of genetic engineering on local agriculture.

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