Bozeman Police investigate murder-suicide


Police investigate murder suicide in Bozeman 11-19-12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Police said they got the call just after 7 am of a domestic disturbance on Warbler Way in northwest Bozeman. And when they arrived on-scene, they found two people dead from what looked like a murder/suicide.

Detectives spent all morning investigating the residence.

"The two individuals that are deceased were in one part of the building, and then some roommates were in a different part of the building" said Lt. Steve Crawford with the Bozeman Police Department.

Crawford said a man and woman were in an upstairs bedroom, with the door locked and arguing, when the other two roommates heard the sound of a gunshot and called police.

Officers forced their way into the bedroom and found the 31-year old man and 32-year old woman dead.

"We're trying to piece together what happened" Crawford said. "Just document the scene, and get to the bottom of how things unfolded and what occurred."
What they've unfolded so far, he said, is two different guns -- a handgun and high-power rifle- - one shot fired from each.

The woman was shot in the chest. The man, in the head.

We talked to neighbors to learn more. They wouldn't go on camera, but told us the two were dating, worked at Outback Steakhouse and lived in that townhouse the past year.

The neighbors said they've called the police on the couple before, and have suspected illegal activity.

"We were here for some type of party or a disturbance in October" Crawford said, confirming they've been to that residence before -- but for nothing serious.

Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident in partnership with the coroner, and said one or both bodies will be sent to the state crime lab in Missoula for an autopsy.

Police won't release the names of the couple until their next of kin is notified.

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