Bozeman neighborhood hit by paintball vandals


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman police upped neighborhood patrols after paintball vandals went on a shooting spree over the weekend in northwest Bozeman.

The Bozeman Police Department said they see this type of criminal mischief several times throughout the year, and it is often difficult to catch the people responsible.

But if police are able to track the suspects down, the perpetrators are required to pay for damages.

Police said they are now increasing patrols.

"When things aren't busy then we'll send some folks out during the night time hours when we think this may be happening and make a visible presence," said Bozeman Police Officer Trent Schumacher, "or sometimes not a visible presence, because it's a lot better to catch somebody doing it. We like to prevent it, but if we can catch who's actually doing it, then we can deal with issues later on in court about damages that need to be dealt with."

Homeowners who were hit by the paint balls said it is unnerving and frustrating to have this happen to them, especially because they are left cleaning it up.

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