Bozeman Mayor to talk top ten goals for State of the City Address


Bozeman Mayor to talk top ten goals during State of the City Address 3-21-13

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Just days before he's set to address the city about the current state of Bozeman, Mayor Sean Becker told us his overall feelings about our economy.

"The state of the city is good, we're recovering" he said.

Bozeman's back on the rise, he said, finally making it out of the economic slump we've seen the last few years. "Real estate is rising up, the university is doing fabulous" Becker said.

And he expects that trend to continue.

"I think we're really well positioned with infrastructure to continue to accept growth" he said.

While things are looking up and business is booming in Bozeman, Becker said there's still a lot of issues he plans to address.

Specifically, Becker said he has 10 goals to tackle in the next year.

"We look at investing in economic development, dealing with our infrastructure, supporting Gallatin College, we look at what's going on with our aquatics and recreation facilities- Bogert Pool mainly" Becker said, naming off a few of the goals in this year's mission.

We asked Bozeman residents what they thought were top priorities.

"We'd love to see some type of indoor arena that the kids could access" said Mark Hodgson, coach of a local lacrosse team. He added he wants the arena "for not only lacrosse- but soccer, football."

Hodgson and his wife, Christine said an indoor arena and focusing on the Parks and Trails Bond are huge items.

"Trail system we love, we would love to see that expanded" Mark said.

Becker said he plans to address the bond on Monday. And in honor of Bozeman turning 130 years old, he plans to delve a little bit into the city's history during his speech.

"We'll just talk about the evolution of our community" Becker said, adding "you're going to just have to pay attention on Monday and see what's going to happen then."

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