Bozeman locals swarm to support public library


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks flocked to the Bozeman Public Library, Saturday, for the Friends of the Bozeman Public Library's annual fall, used book sale.

Coordinators say folks are using the library more and more and the fundraising arm of the library holds three used book sales a year to raise money for books, CD's and materials the library doesn't have room for in its budget.

Locals can peruse everything from adults' and kids' books to videos, posters and postcards and all of the books are donated from the public.

Organizers say the used book sales have become a community event.

"You get to see lots of the same people.  They look forward to our sales every year.  We've been doing the sales from the old library to the current one so, it's also kind of a cultural thing where people come together," says Friends of the Bozeman Public Library President John Gallagher.

Saturday's sale wraps up at 5p.  You can also stop by the library Sunday between 12p and 2p, where you can fill up a grocery bag of books for $2.

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