Bozeman kids and parents march in support of Safe Chemicals Act


Bozeman kids and parents march in support of Safe Chemicals Act (04/20/13)

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A group of Bozeman parents gather on a breezy morning in Bogert Park, concerned for the safety of their children.

"I worry all the time about what they're being exposed to, how to keep them healthy."

Alysha Jannotta is a mother of two young girls. She says, with countless chemicals in today's world, it's tough to sift through all of the information to find out what's safe for her kids.

"I'm busy, I have so much going on, it's just not realistic for me to be able to scientific research on every product that they're exposed to," explains Jannotta.

That's why she's uniting with other Bozeman moms and dads to thank Montana's senators for co-sponsoring the 2013 Safe Chemicals Act and to show her support for the bill. It's a measure updating the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976, passed to regulate the use of chemicals in everyday products.

"So that we can have this peace of mind and that we can ask our senators and our leaders to help keep our families safe from toxic chemicals," says Jannotta.

Organizer and Bozeman mother Chantel Schieffer says she wants folks to take the health and safety of their children into their own hands and says she hope the Stroller Brigade for Healthy Kids, Safer Chemicals will give parents a greater voice.

"Read labels...Pay attention to legislation like this that could impact things that we don't control, like chemicals in our furniture and chemicals in our carpets," explains  Schieffer.

After the march, the group got a special visit from one of the bill's supporters- Senator Max Baucus.

Senator Baucus says, it's about time these regulations be updated and told parents the bill is beneficial for both families and Montana's growing green chemicals industry.

He tells me he's excited to meet with parents and says it highlights the importance of this issue.

"It shows their commitment. Things tend not to happen unless you're committed to making them happen and parents and their kids, moms got their husbands our here, fathers here and all these kids in strollers. It's terrific," says Baucus.

Commitment from moms like Alysha Jannotta, who says she hopes the stroller brigade encourages other parents to support the bill.

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