Bozeman homebrew competition draws submissions from across the state


BOZEMAN, Mont. - At least a dozen certified brewers and professional judges taste-tested home-made beers at a homebrew competition at Bridger Brewing in Bozeman, Saturday.

There were 129 submissions in a variety of categories from across the state, from barrel-aged brews to a hibiscus beer.

Judges tell us blind taste-testing is exciting work.

They say homebrewing is a great creative outlet and explain folks who make their own beer have the freedom to do things professional brewers don't, since they don't have the responsibility of marketing their beer.

But they say there are also a lot of misconceptions about homebrewing.

"You may make something that would taste bad but human pathogens cannot grow in beer, it's too acidic and it's not temperature conducive to growing things that would harm a person so, that should not be a fear for anyone who wants to get started," says head judge and Vice President of Rimrock Brewers Guild Wendy Cottrell.

According to the Homebrewers Association website, this year, the last two states remaining with laws against homebrewing, Mississippi and Alabama, passed legislation to allow making beer at home.

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