Bozeman High students show off school spirit ahead of championship game


Bozeman High students show off school spirit ahead of championship game

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman High School students are eagerly awaiting tonight's game against Glacier and as we learned, it didn't take long to find school spirit on campus.

You barely had to step foot on Bozeman High School's campus to feel the school spirit. Students tell us they're pumped up for Friday night's big championship game against Glacier, hoping their football team can turn this year's motto of "make it happen" into a reality.

Bozeman High School sophomore Jackie Evans-Shaw shows off her homemade head piece.

"It was a celebration of team spirit and high school spirit," says Evans-Shaw.

She tells us school spirit is important to build a sense of community among students.

"I feel like it really brings the school together, not just those in sports," Evans-Shaw says.

On a day when their football team is set to face-off against Glacier for a Double A state title and finish the season undefeated, students say that school spirit is more important than ever.

"Football is definitely a way to unite and we're all cheering for the same thing and we're going to get the 'W'," says Bozeman High School student Summer Craig.

While they say getting decked out in black and red is mostly an upper-class tradition, sophomores McKenna Kirschten and Jenny Calvin didn't seem to mind.

"We think it's really important to kind of be there for your school, especially when we have such a great season, so far," explains Kirschten.

Football players Nicholas Smith and Payton O'Reilly say the school spirit they've seen has them energized and ready to give it their all.

"We're going to play hard, fast and physical and we won't give up," says Smith.

"We're going to make it happen," says O'Reilly.

Football team managers say one of their biggest goals is to get as many students as possible at the game to fill up the student section stands.

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