Bozeman couple bikes tandem cross-country for fundraiser


Bozeman couple bikes tandem cross-country for fundraiser

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gerry and Pat Goede are embarking on a cross-country bike ride. They expect to take their bike 3,000 miles in order to raise scholarship money to help families give their kids a private education at Heritage Christian school in Bozeman.

We met up with Gerry and Pat on Saturday morning as they were packing up. The couple has only made a cross-country journey for this cause once before in 2008. Their love for biking, mixed with wanting to raise scholarship money was the key to making this journey happen. They will be on the open road for eight weeks straight, on a tandem bike. They will start pedaling in Texas, make their way up to Canada, and head back to Bozeman.

"All the money that's raised goes towards the scholarship fund, we pay for our own expenses going across the country, people pledge per mile, some just pledge donations," said Gerry Goede.

The idea that came to the Goede's more than five years ago, right around the time when the economy fell into a slump. Gerry Goede is a teacher and co-administrator at Heritage Christian, and got a first hand look at how the recession had an impact on their schools community.

"2008, with our last ride, is when the recession hit, and there were some people who lost their jobs that had kids at our school, and we saw how hard it was to keep paying tuition," said Gerry Goede.

That ride in 2008 took the Goede's across the country, from Seattle to Maine. For Gerry and Pat, every single one of those miles has paid off.

"The $12,000 in the last five years has given $4,000 of scholarships to students who needed it, its been about 12 families so far," said Gerry Goede.

This time around, they have raised right around $5,000 before even beginning their journey.

"We have had people from Texas, California, and North Carolina, that have actually pledged money that had heard of our school, and heard of the ride going on," said Gerry Goede.

This experience is something that doesn't come together over night. The couple has spent months mentally and physically preparing for the road ahead. They prepared by biking between 20 and 40 miles daily, just shy of the 60 to 70 they will be doing once they hit the road.

If you would like to donate, or follow along with Gerry and Pat's journey, they will be blogging every step of the way.

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