Bozeman community celebrates Dr. King's legacy


Bozeman community celebrates Dr. King's legacy

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Hundreds of people hit the streets in Bozeman Sunday to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr.  Ruth Forrest is one of five committee members in charge of gathering the Bozeman community to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King.

"I thought we could do something a little bit bigger that would bring in school kids and college kids. He was fighting for racial justice and equality and we want people to understand the message of Dr. King and learn about him," said Forrest.

Dr. King's messages were written on handmade posters that covered the walls throughout the room. They were also reiterated in an opening statement given by MSU President Dr. Waded Cruzado.

"Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that," said Cruzado.

The march began at the Emerson Cultural Center downtown with Forrest leading the way. Last year 125 people joined the march and this year they were hoping to double that number. Sunday people of all ages came out including 6th grader Amanda Mooney.

"He had a lot of courage and he protested that we should have equal rights," said Mooney.

Amanda attended the event with her mom and aunt. She tells us she is interested in the legacy of Dr. King.

"We are all in this world together and I think we should all have equal rights," said Mooney.

Forrest tells us she enjoys seeing kids participate and that anyone can learn from the messages of Martin Luther King Jr.

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