Bozeman Commission to look at pools and rec study


Bozeman Commission to look at pool and rec needs study 1-3-13

BOZEMAN, Mont. - "I already think there's not enough facilities" said Katie Travis-Arnold, a Bozeman resident.

Travis-Arnold and her daughter use Bozeman's pool facilities every week for exercise and family fun. They definitely aren't the only ones. Between recreational swimmers, swim teams and YMCA users- Travis-Arnold said the facility just can't meet everyone's needs.

"It'd be nice to have more options" she said.

A new aquatics and recreation study agrees, concluding Bozeman's due for an upgrade.

We went through the 124-page study, and found it recommends four main options.

One- replace Bogert Pool, at a cost of around $6.5 million. Or, upgrade the current swim center at 4 to 5 million dollars.

Third option? Build something entirely new. An indoor recreation facility would cost 27 to 32 million dollars, or just an outdoor aquatic park would be around $8 million.

Travis-Arnold said she'd rather go for the renovations if it means less taxes, but wonders "is renovating this going to be enough?"

And there's one factor the study states could change the whole picture.

"We are proceeding with drawing the YMCA today, conceptualizing what will be in there" said local YMCA Executive Director Andrea Stevenson. "We're looking at a gym, we're looking at an indoor aquatics center, watertainment for the kids, field space, teen center, community rooms."

I met with Stevenson at the site of their future facility, north of Regional Park. She said they are currently reaching out to potential donors to see how much money they could raise.

If the Y does build an aquatics and rec center there, the study says that could change the city's needs.

The City Commission will take a look at the study and vote to accept it during their meeting Monday night.

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