Bozeman comes together to cheer on Cats


Bozeman comes together to cheer on Cats 11/17/12

BOZEMAN, Mont. - You could feel the excitement in Bozeman, with some bars packed wall to wall with Cat and Griz fans alike.
We stopped at one bar where fans of all ages staked out to watch the big match-up.
It was tough to hear over cheers and applause every time the Bobcats made a big play but Griz fans didn't seem to mind.
Folks we talked to say they look forward to the game every year.

"It's great.  I love seeing my beloved cats finally bring a team we can all be proud of and winning every year," says Bobcat fan and Bozeman native Dusty Trihub.

His pal and  former Bobcat football player Ben Fjare says it's an event that brings the community together.

"To me, Cat-Griz is better than Christmas.  It's just so intense, it's so devoted, just an incredibly dedicated fan base that you can't beat," says Fjare.

The excitement is not expected to end any time soon as many fans tell us they'll be partying late into the night on Saturday.

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