Bozeman City Commissioners vote on 2014 budget plan


BOZEMAN, Mont. - NBC Montana went to Monday night's meeting of the Bozeman City Commission, where commissioners came up with several amendments to the city's budget.

Residents voiced their opinions about allotting enough funds to manage Bogert Pool and issues of bike lanes. One resident spoke up about the city's safety and transportation plan, asking commissioners to allow for more bike lanes added to the budget.

Commissioners went back and forth on various amendments that would set aside money for economic development and growth.

City Manager Chris Kukulski warned, the meeting was not to fully change the budget plan, but make minor changes to keep various programs that have helped build economic growth in Bozeman.

"I am not recommending you cut out any of these. I think they're good, important programs. I think the community wants them and expects them," said Kukulski.

Commissioners looked over areas to diversify local economy, parks and trails, reform community development systems and methods to enhance development in the downtown areas.

They also looked into allocating funds to maintain bike lanes to help reduce accidents and congestion on the roadways.

The Commission voted to keep $20,000 for infill development, but cut out $15,000 of infill funds. Bozeman City Commissioners' amendments cut more than $73,000 out of the city's General Fund.

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