Bozeman brewery gives back to customers


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Bozeman brewer is thanking customers for helping get a bill tabled that would have put tougher restrictions on brewers.

Lawmakers in Helena tabled House Bill 616 last week, effectively killing it. It would have required brewers get an expensive state license if they planned to sell directly to customers.

The Montana Tavern Association supported the measure and said it put brewers on a level playing field. Brewers argued it would have killed their growing industry.

Bozeman Brewery offered free beer Monday to thank customers for speaking out against the bill.

Tucker Kalberg, the manager of Bozeman Brewery, says their fight was tough, but they made it through thanks to loyal customers.

"Based on our strong local following we have weathered the storm. We're all able to come together in the end for a greater good," SAID kALBERG.

Bozeman Brewery said customers who buy one beer will get the second beer on the house.

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