Bogert Pool could see the wrecking ball this fall


Bogert Pool could see wrecking ball this fall

BOZEMAN, Mont. - "I think it's a real asset to the community" said Bozeman resident Leslie Morningstar, about Bogert Pool.

Lots of people in the community love Bogert Pool. But this season may officially be it's last.

City Manager Chris Kukulski said the Commission is looking at "a plan that would replace Bogert Pool with a splash park."

On Monday, Commissioners will decide whether to tear it down this fall, in order to rebuild it into a splash park. The recommendation comes from a committee that studied the future of aquatics in Bozeman.

And if commissioners replace Bogert, this has residents wondering what they'll use for an outdoor pool.

"I think we need the pool to teach kids to swim," said Morningstar.

According to Kukulski, there's several options- partner with the YMCA or with the county, or with the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds already has a pool in it's plans.

According to the master plan, the space where the Greenway Shooting Range now stands is set aside for an aquatics center.

But Sue Shockley, manager of the fairgrounds, says that may change.

On Tuesday night, Shockley said the Fair Board is set to discuss "whether or not we want to continue discussing possibilities with the City of Bozeman."

She said with so many options, they aren't sure if it's still a viable plan to build at the fairgrounds. Plus there's many other projects like a year-round ice arena they're focusing on first.

Kukulski said the short term goal is decide what to do with Bogert, then focus on building that larger facility.

But bottom line, Bozeman could be without an outdoor pool.

On Monday, the Bozeman City Commission will hear comments from the community before they make a decision.

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