Bobcats football season opener sees record attendance


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Folks with the Bobcats Athletic Office say they're excited about the turnout for the first game of the season.

They're reporting record attendance at just over 21,000 people.

There's only seating for a bit more than 17,700 people.

We asked MSU's Director of Athletics Peter Fields why he thought turnout was so big this year.

He tells us he thinks folks took the opportunity to make it a five-day long weekend with the labor day holiday and adds, people get especially excited about night games.

Fields tells us the tremendous support is an indication of the season to come.

"Season ticket sales are at an all time high, our number of individual game tickets that we're selling are far ahead of last year at this point in time. I think the indicators that we're looking at are all showing that people are really excited about coming to games so, I think we're looking at good crowds for all of our games," explains Fields.

Fields says he's very grateful to fans who came from across the state to show their support.

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