Bobcat sports app will keep fans connected


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A new app will help fans stay connected to the Brawl of the Wild this weekend. It is called the Bobcat Sports App, and was launched Monday to give you full access to all of your Bobcat teams.

Hillary Guilford with the athletic department showed us different features of the app. App users can see where people are having watch parties across the nation, and can also see team rosters.

Since Monday, Guilford says 325 Apple users and 175 Android users have downloaded the app. That also includes international downloads in places like Spain and Germany.

"You really are engaged with Bobcat athletics, and again you can choose through your push notifications how much or how little info you receive from us. You can customize it. I think people are really going to get to know the Bobcats more," said Guilford.

Guilford tells us they are already working on phase 2 of the app. You can download the Bobcat Sports App on your Apple or Android phone.

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