Bikes blessed at Bozeman church service


BOZEMAN, Mont. - In Bozeman, members of Journey Church got a twist to the end of their services Sunday morning.

Pastor Brian Hopkins blessed a group of motorcycles, and said a prayer for all motorcyclists in the room. Bikes were parked on the stage, and in front of the crowd all morning.

After the blessing, Bridger Mountain Hog Director Mark Watkins revved his bike engine as the worship band sang.

Watkins said as riding season starts, it's important to stay safe- and for motorists to be aware of choppers on the road.

He said last year, over 400 motorcyclists were involved in accidents, and 30 of those crashes resulted in death.

"It's about accountability," he said. "Take a second look at yourself when you're out on the highway, or just out with your friends."

Usually Pastor Brian goes to Yellowstone Harley in Belgrade to bless the bikes, and the group takes off on an inaugural ride.

But this year, Watkins said they thought it'd be neat to bring the choppers to the church.

"Having everybody come to the service was just really cool to see the bikes up there," he said. "I was watching people as they were coming in like, 'What in the world is going on here?' It was really cool."

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