Belgrade's Prete connects with kids across Gallatin Valley

Belgrade's Prete connects with kids across Gallatin Valley

BOZEMAN, Mont. - If you've even been to a Belgrade athletic event or even a Bozeman Bucks game you've seen this man and you may even call him a Gallatin Valley super fan. Shannon Prete is his name and you can bet the players certainly know him.

"I've known Shannon pretty well for the past 4 years and he's always got a positive attitude and he definitely lets us know when we're playing bad and when we're playing good you know he's almost like a 4th coach for us."

Shannon has cerebral palsy and is legally blind, but to him that's no excuse for anything. He watches all the games and knows exactly how the kids are doing, right down to a player's individual statistics.

"There's a difference between being blind and oblivious. I put myself in positions to find out what I need to know. I can listen to the crowd, then it's watching and then its chatting with the parents, chatting with the kids, chatting with people that i know know the sport I'm talking to them about."

"I mean I don't think people realize and give enough credit about how intelligent of a gentleman he is. He does study, he does have stats. He's got a memory like a steel trap. He remembers things about my son that was going on in games and things that I don't even remember."

Shannon wants no recognition, he just wants to help the community any way he can.

"He is a person that wants to help and if you need something he is there. I just think that is his faith that he has in his religion and says what can i do to help."

"It's understanding that, that job may not seem like a fun job or may not seem important but it needs to be done and so it really isn't about me."

Shannon's true passion is connecting with the kids, who he says he wants to be there for and see succeed in life.

"I'm doing it because I see a great heart in these kids and i want to see them truly be who they want to be. It's  believing in them more than they believe in themselves until they believe in themselves more."

"It's not everyday that you meet somebody that cares that much about everyone in the valley so I think we're all pretty blessed to be able to say that we know Shannon."

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