Belgrade woman helping horses in wildfire danger


Belgrade woman helping horses in wildfire danger 6-29-12

The Montana Awareness Education and Equine Rehab Association (M.A.E.R.A) is opening 150 stalls to get horses out of harm's way.

The fast moving wildfires have forced many families to pack up and go. But some have had to leave more than just their homes behind.

"Just yesterday alone we've brought in 12 horses and a lot of those horses were actually able to go home today" said Sasha Hyland, executive director.

But now there's hope. Organizers at the non-profit M.A.E.R.A in Belgrade, have opened up 150 stalls for horses being threatened by the wildfires. M.A.E.R.A is providing hay, sawdust and water at no charge.

"I saw in Round Up that on one of the rescues they lost a horse named Dakota and I started crying, because if that was my horse it would be like tearing my family apart." said Brittany Davenport, a volunteer for M.A.E.R.A.

The group can even help pick up horses turned loose or found wandering, and organizers are willing to travel around the state to help out.

"We also helped with the transportation to get the horses here safely which we're willing to do across the entire state," Hyland said.

M.A.E.R.A. isn't limiting their help to horses.

They're also providing educational classes, and one of their primary goals is to help people and communities a like.

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