Belgrade rental company looks to cut down on human-bear interactions


Belgrade rental company looks to cut down on human-bear interactions (05/11/13)

BELGRADE, Mont. - A Belgrade rental company is doing their part to help cut down on human-bear interactions.

Phasmid Rentals provides outfitted vehicles for camping and fly-fishing trips, as well as smaller items like coolers and bear spray.

Folks with Phasmid say they want to help cut down on visitor waste, since tourists often buy what they need in Montana and throw it away when they leave.

They say that's especially important when it comes to bear spray since it's not something you want in landfills and not everyone uses the recycling programs that are available.

Phasmid representatives tell us renting spray is also more affordable and encourages more folks to carry it.

They say the biggest advantage is education. Folks with the company insist on briefing customers on bear biology and how to properly use bear spray when they rent it.

"So people know how to act in grizzly country. So, if they know how to act, they're not going to have interactions with bears, most likely, and the bears will continue to thrive in this environment," says Phasmid Rentals Owner and Founder Will Casella.

Phasmid will team up with bear spray manufacturer UDAP and Bozeman non-profit Keystone Conservation for a free bear spray use clinic.

A bear biologist will be on hand for education and UDAP will bring inert cans of bear spray so folks can get a feel of what it's like to use one.

It's Saturday, June 1st at 10am at the East Gallatin Recreation Center.

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