Belgrade police report over $20,000 damage to vandalized vehicles


Belgrade police report over $20,000 damage in vandalized vehicles

BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County Sheriff's Deputies and Belgrade Police said 110 cars were shot Monday night. $20,000 were reported in damages to the cars.

Belgrade resident Teresea Jones told NBC Montana her van was vandalized.  

"It also feels like an invasion of privacy. It's really scary," said Jones.

Jones told us she learned her van had been hit in the crime spree when another mom knocked on her door early Tuesday morning.

"I thought she was joking at first and came to find out to look and realized they had been broken," explained Jones.

Jones  found smashed glass scattered inside the van and on the street. When she called police they told her she wasn't alone.

"They were here within 20 minutes and said they stopped at a couple of other places and were headed to a couple of other places," said Jones.

Jones told us the damage will cost her close to $900 and she may not get that money back even if the vandals are caught.

"We may see a small percentage, but we probably won't see a full reimbursement for the cost," said Jones.

Jones says the van was given to her by her parents because she has seven children. She's now in a transportation bind since she cannot fit all seven kids in smaller cars.

Jones cautions neighbors to put their cars in their garages if possible.

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