Belgrade man accused of kidnapping underage girl


Belgrade man accused of kidnapping underage girl

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Belgrade man is facing felony kidnapping and criminal endangerment charges after he allegedly kidnapped an underage girl.

NBC Montana was in Justice court Friday morning when Cameron Alverson appeared before a judge. Prosecutors charged Alverson with felony kidnapping and criminal endangerment. Each charge carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Court documents outline what reportedly happened late Thursday night, saying Alverson allegedly kidnapped the underage girl, even throwing her in the trunk of the car. Prosecutors claim a 16-year-old boy was also in on it.

It began near the area of Jackrabbit and Frontage Rd. This is where court documents allege the underage individuals began arguing, and the underage girl became upset jumping from the moving car. Court documents show the incident did not end there.

Investigators say Alverson and the boy put the girl back in the car and drove out of town. In the affidavit it says Alverson drove the young female north of Belgrade to Dry Creek Road. Along this road is where she allegedly threw up and tried to run away two separate times while the defendant was stopped. Authorities claim Alverson  knew the girl was drunk and injured from jumping out of the car, but didn't seek medical help.

Finally near mile marker seven on Dry Creek Road is where court documents say Alverson admits to throwing the girl inside of the trunk. We found car tracks in the ditch off of the road near that mile marker.

Investigators say Alverson denied driving anywhere while the young female was in the trunk, saying she was not in there long. The young girls story was different, telling police she was in the trunk for 10 minutes before crawling through the opening into the back seat. Police say it ended when the teens allegedly drove the girl back to her home.

Court documents show when police searched the car, they found smudges of dirt on the inside lid of the trunk, saying the smudges appear to have come from someone's fingers.

Alcohol was a factor in this incident. The underage female agreed to a blood alcohol test, showing a concentration of .135. That is about one and a half times the legal limit. Prosecutors cited 16 year old boy in the car was cited with the same felony charges as Alverson.

In Gallatin County Justice Court the Friday morning the judge set Alverson's bond at $10,000.  Alverson is due back in court in mid January.

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