Belgrade kennel owner works with lawmakers to set new standards for dog breeders


Belgrade kennel owner works with lawmakers to set new standards for dog breeders

BOZEMAN, Mont. - A Belgrade kennel owner is working with lawmakers in Helena to make sure there are standards for Montana dog breeders.

Ron Murray, the owner of Montana Murray Kennels, told us he has been to some large-scale dog breeding operations in Montana and seen deplorable conditions at at least one operation.

Murray explained, "What we're hoping it's going to do is regulate large-scale commercial breeders in the state of Montana."

He thinks regulations would force the bad breeders to take better care of their animals.

Murray described some of the conditions he has seen, "They never see daylight, the barns and the buildings they're living in are filled with feces."

The bill he worked on is House Bill 439, also known as the Montana Commercial Pet Protection Act.

"There is not a limitation on how small a kennel they can use. They go by the USDA standards, which requires minimal food, water, bedding, and housing," Murray said.

His bill would have the state create its own standards, and would require breeding facilities to be licensed and inspected, and pay fees based on the number of unspayed females the facility is breeding.

Murray tells NBC Montana he thinks regulations like this will help the breeders that are already taking proper care of their animals "This bill will help clean up the industry and they will actually be able to produce and market dogs better."

Murray will travel to Helena Thursday to testify in support of the bill before the House Committee on Agriculture.

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