Anaconda School Board waits until next week for consolidation comment


ANACONDA, Mont. - Some Anaconda parents told us they attended the school board meeting to find out more about the consolidation options, after the district announced their enrollment was dropping, but the parents were in for a surprise when the board didn't open the issue to the public.

Parents told us they thought they may have a chance to weigh in before the issue goes to the sub-committee meeting next week.

During the meeting, the board went over the issue briefly to say the meeting is being moved to the Anaconda High's Little Theater.

Parents told us they just wanted a chance to speak or learn more about the issue.

"I thought we'd actually have a chance to talk about the consolidation," said Anaconda Mom, Katie Nadeau. "But I guess it just didn't happen so hopefully next week we'll actually have a chance to tell them know what we think is going on."

"And we just want the truth," said Anaconda Resident, Loretta Mikalatos. "And a chance and involvement, that's what we just need, the involvement."

We spoke to the superintendent, he told us the public could have spoken up at the end of the meeting.

The Buildings and Grounds Committee will discuss at least seven different options at the meeting next Monday at 6:30 in the Little Theater.

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