Alcohol proposal causes controversy with Bridger Canyon Fire trustees


Bridger Canyon Fire Department Trustee Franklin Coles said four firefighters have threatened to resign over an issue on whether to allow alcohol in the community room at the fire department.

The threats came after some Board of Trustees members took a second look at the rules.

The department's community room sits between the two fire garages at the station. It's used for fire fighter training, various community events, and emergency shelter for fire fighters.

The Board previously voted not to allow alcohol in that room.

But Coles said a revisit of the issue came about after several of the people who financially backed the community room wanted to be able to have alcohol served at functions held there.

The proposal would allow beer and wine to be served in only the community room.
Coles said several fire fighters on the team are against the proposal, and told him they'll resign if trustees allow it.

And, he said, they've checked with the county attorney- who told them the change in policy could leave them liable if something happens.

That may be bound to happen, Coles said, especially given the location of the station.

The BCFD sits on a dangerous corner where cars pass at 70 miles an hour. Coles said they've had incidents in the past of cars running off the road to avoid hitting fire trucks that entered the road way.

Adding alcohol to the mix could be a lawsuit waiting to happen, he said. So he hopes that they can keep the rules as they are right now.

"I am going to propose that we not vote on that, and that we reaffirm the former board's denial of alcohol" Coles said. "I believe that it is far more appropriate, and it will send a message to the firefighters that we support them."

Trustees will meet to discuss and possibly vote on the proposed rule change on Monday night.

Coles wrote a letter to the Board of Trustees on the issue. Click here read it.

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