Agreement made to transfer bison to Fort Belknap


GREAT FALLS, Mont. - State and tribal officials have signed an agreement to transfer 35 bison from the Fort Peck reservation to Fort Belknap.

The Great Falls Tribune reports the deal was signed Tuesday by Fort Belknap tribal president Tracy King and Fish, Wildlife and Parks director Jeff Hagener.

A date for the transfer has not been set.

The agreement comes nearly two months after the state Supreme Court reversed a lower judge's order barring relocations of Yellowstone National Park Bison.

FWP transferred more than 60 Yellowstone bison to Fort Peck in March 2012, with half slated to go to Fort Belknap. The bison spent years in quarantine to ensure they were free of disease.

Ranchers and property rights advocates sued to prevent additional transfers, arguing wild bison damage property and spread disease.

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