6-year-old organ donor to be honored at Rose Bowl Parade


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Family and friends gathered at a Bozeman Fire Station to honor a young boy who's helping people live after he died last year.

They're all helping to paint a floragraph portrait. It's one of 81 portraits of deceased donors featured on the Donate Life Rose Parade float.

6-year-old Bryce Autry fell out of a wagon while outside playing with his siblings, and stopped breathing. He was diagnosed with a rare condition and died five days later.

His family donated Bryce's organs, saving the lives of four people and giving sight to two.

"It's just a big honor for Bryce. We knew he was going to do great things in life and he still is but he's not doing what  we thought he was going to do," says Bryce's father Ian Autry.

The Rose Bowl Parade is January first. Bryce's family will be there to see the float firsthand.

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