3 Belgrade women face judge on alleged prostitution charges


3 Belgrade women face judge on alleged prostitution charges

BOZEMAN, Mont. - NBC Montana was in the courtroom Tuesday as three Belgrade women faced a judge for alleged promotion of prostitution.

Gallatin County Judge Bryan Adams called in translators to get through the arraignments of  51-year-old Ji-Hong Yu, 52-year-old Yu-Sun Gasperi and 70-year-old Ok Nan Tenette.

Court documents say police arrested the three after an undercover operation at the Beijing Spa and VIP Spa on South Broadway. Police learned of the alleged prostitution in both the VIP and Beijing spas from a confidential informant. The court documents say detectives put a wire on the informant and sent him in the spas.

The reports describe how the women allegedly began to negotiate with the informant for sex in exchange for money. They say after money allegedly changed hands, officers went in arrested the women.

Belgrade Police Chief  E.J. Clark explained the investigation is still open and his officers are working leads.

"We're working these locations making sure we've apprehended everybody that could possibly be involved in this certain type of activity." said Clark.

Clark told NBC Montana his officers are cracking down on crimes like prostitution in Belgrade.

"This type of thing is going on in a lot of cities and towns in Montana," explained Clark.

Local residents declined to speak to us as we walked up and down Broadway. We noticed on both the VIP and Beijing Spas, evidence tape still remains on the buildings.

Judge Adams set bail at $50,000 for all three women.

Yu, Gasperi and Tenette could face a maximum of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Click here to read the full court documents.

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