2nd MSU fraternity accepts sanctions over drinking


BOZEMAN, Mont. - A second MSU fraternity agrees to university sanctions after a woman says she was sexually assaulted in the fraternity house a few months ago.   

Under the agreement, all Sigma Chi members now have to take sexual assault prevention training this spring. The fraternity will also offer sexual assault prevention training at the beginning of the fraternity's new member education system every year.

The fraternity's also banned from consuming hard liquor at the frat house and, beginning next fall, designated members will have to remain sober at parties to make sure guests get home safely.

Pi Kappa Alpha was hit with similar sanctions just weeks ago, also after a reported sexual assault in their house.

"This is a step and the university's committed to working with, not only Sigma Chi, but all our fraternities and all our students groups to continue to take steps forward when alcohol is being used, to create a safer environment and, ultimately, to work with our students to help prevent sexual assault," says MSU Dean of Students Matt Caires.

Caires says the university is trying to create a healthier culture around fraternities and alcohol and says he hopes Sigma Chi will be more responsible when they host events with alcohol in the future.

Caires explains this is a mutual agreement between students, alumni, and the university.

The university tells us any violation of the agreement will lead to additional sanctions under the student conduct code. That could include the fraternity's loss of recognition by MSU.

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