2 alleged accomplices of Bozeman escapee appear in court


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Two of the five people charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly helping Kevin Briggs flee from police appeared in Gallatin County District Court Wednesday morning.

Cedric Standish-Codding and Sherry Jackson stood before Gallatin County District Court Judge John Brown for the roles they are accused of playing in the hours after Briggs walked out of the Law and Justice Center February 1.

Charging documents claim Jackson threw Briggs' restraints into a dumpster near her home the morning of his escape. Jackson pleaded not guilty to felony obstruction of justice. Brown set Jackson's bail at $10,000.

Standish-Codding is jailed on $75,000 bail for his reported role in Briggs' escape.

We asked Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert why the bail amounts are so different. He explained,  "In contrast to Mr. Standish-Codding, she has a very limited criminal history."

Prosecutors say Standish-Codding violated his probation when he helped cut Briggs' shackles off. Court documents lay out a series of alleged violations to his deferred sentence for a 2011 burglary.

Lambert said Standish-Codding, "Has several different things that he's going to need to deal with there in his former felony case."

Standish-Codding denied all allegations against him. The judge set bail for the probation violation charge at $50,000. Standish-Codding has yet to enter a plea for allegedly freeing Briggs from his shackles, but that could happen next week.

Lambert told us, "They're serious cases. We have six of them and we've only started the process in my efforts to hold them accountable."

Two other alleged accomplices, Andrew Kranker and Tristan Anacker, are expected to receive summonses to enter their pleas in lieu of arrest warrants. Lambert says they are expected to appear within the next two weeks.

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