103-year-old home gets a fresh start


BOZEMAN, Mont. - It is a house that has sat on the corner of S. Wilson and Hayes in downtown Bozeman for more than 100 years. Saturday morning it was literally picked up from its foundation and moved to the area of Gallatin Gateway.

Lois Bolton has owned what she calls "the little yellow house" since 2001. She tells us the home was built all the way back in 1910. While Bolton says she wanted to build a new house on the property, it was hard to see the old house go. Bolton tells us she did not want to tear something down that is so rich in history.

"It went against my grain to demolish something that still had a life. It had a personality to me that I had grown attached to so to me it's a story of recycling. I have passed it on to start a new life in a new location. My lot will have a new life as well," said Bolton.

While we were visiting the site where the home used to be, Bolton showed us things she had uncovered so far in the foundation. We saw an old whiskey bottle, a Playboy magazine from the 1950's and a fedora had that was from Red Lodge, Montana.

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