Landfill gases prompt concerns in north Bozeman neighborhood


Landfill gases prompt concerns in...

BOZEMAN, Mont. - The city of Bozeman recently discovered the presence of volatile gases near the old city landfill site.

The city asked residents who live in a portion of the Bridger Creek neighborhood to test the air in their homes.

We spoke with several homeowners like Lynn Perkins who were concerned when they heard the news.

"It is unfortunate I think for a lot of people," said Perkins.

Perkins tells us he did not attend the meeting at City Hall Wednesday night, he still realizes the gas could have an impact on the place he calls home.

"It could effect probably the sale price on properties," said Perkins.

We also spoke with homeowner Brendan Kelleher.

"We're brand new homeowners so there is an investment risk," said Kelleher.

He just moved in last November and says his concerns are bigger than the value of his property.

"Especially for my young kids who live in the basement level of our home. They may have the highest amount of exposure to anything concerning," said Kelleher.

We also spoke to project engineer Dustin Johnson with the city of Bozeman.

He explained step by step what is next for this community.

"Get as many indoor air samples as we can. We will process that data. That will dictate where we go from there," said Johnson.

The city of Bozeman is working with environmental consultant Tetra Tech to test the air quality.

Mark Pearson works for the company and tells us a canister will sample the air.

"Inside resident or commercial buildings they recommend a 24 hour sample to be collected," said Pearson.

Once it reaches the lab results are usually available within two to four weeks.

Back in the community, residents like Lynn Perkins realize this is a waiting game.

"We just have to take it one day at a time and see how they address the whole situation overall," said Perkins.

Project engineer Dustin Johnson tells us they will return for a second round of testing in the winter, regardless of what the test results are.

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