KGVO TV Signed On Air In 1954

In 1954, KGVO-TV signed on the air, making a commitment to serve western Montana with excellent television programming.

In the summer of '54, that meant delivering just four hours of programming each day.Times have changed. KGVO-TV is now KECI-TV.

The station broadcasts 24 hours of programming each and every day, much of it in high-definition and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, to a much larger community.Some things haven't changed, though.

KECI remains committed to the communities we serve, offering local news, weather, sports and entertainment that matters to western Montanans.

We deliver the best in entertainment from NBC.

We proudly support hundreds of community events each year.In 1954, we knew we'd be here to stay. The same holds true today. KECI-TV 13, committed, everyday.

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