Zombie Tools manufactures swords to battle zombies and other threats


Zombie Tools manufactures swords to battle zombies and other threats

MISSOULA, Mont. - There's banter on social media over a hacker who interrupted TV programming with news of a zombie invasion.

It happened at KRTV in Great Falls and a station in Michigan.

A company in Missoula heard all about it.

It received Facebook messages about zombies.

With good reason.

Zombie Tools has ties to zombies.

The guys at this Missoula industrial warehouse started making swords for just such threats.

"The idea that you're just going to survive with your gun is going to last the first few weeks until you run out of ammunition," said Joey Arbour.

It's tongue in cheek, wild, fantastic playful stuff.

But it's serious work.

"The reason that there's not a lot of people making swords is because it's really hard," said his Arbour's business partner, Maxon McCarter.

The sword makers all like swordsmanship.

But they're craftsmen and artists too.

"We take art and replicate it and sell it to people and employ people too," said McCarter.

Almost all their sales are online.

They get orders from all over the world, from Finland to Canada.

Customers have a 15 week wait.

"It's all over the board," said Arbour, "sword enthusiasts, collectors, survivalist preppers."

"Absolutely," said Arbour, "we are a serious business we take pride in our craft, zombies or no zombies, we're thinking about unicorns next."

The sword makers said they're making an essential tool, a part of human Montana.

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