Women targeted at the 57th Annual Missoula Gun Show


57th Annual Gun Show

MISSOULA, Mont. - Stats don't lie, men are buying the most guns. But new studies show that women are catching up. gun enthusiast Geri Mitchell has her reasons for purchasing a weapon.

"Protection, safety,"

Geri Mitchell says it all makes sense.

"More women are alone, they need to be more responsible for their safety."

A growing number of women are learning to use the firearms and are zeroing in on their skills.

Here are some facts according to a recent study by the New York Times. Twenty three percent of women in America opposed to the forty six percent of men owned at least one gun in 2012. An estimated 12-17 million women in the U.S. are gun owners. That number has been hiking up since 2009. Jori Sanner a vendor at this year's gun show has seen an increase in sales of her gun cases as well.

"We've noticed even in the case business that more and more women are buying cases. We have a pink line and we have quit a few that we sell all around the world."

The facts also show that women's participation in shooting sports has sky rocketed, increasing by fifty two percent for target shooting and forty two percent for hunting.

One kind of gun Jim Gray says women aren't buying is rifles.

"I haven't seen anything, it's about the same all the time as far as I can see."

For Mitchell, a pistols perfect.

"To see if I can find a gun that small enough to fit in my purse, to carry with me for protection."

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