Woman reports finding razor in Butterball turkey


MISSOULA, Mont. - It was a scary moment for one Montana woman who says a razor fell out of the end of her Butterball roast as she was washing it. 

St. Ignatius resident B.J. Barto says she purchased her Thanksgiving Butterball roast from Costco in early November and while she was rinsing it in the sink a small, 1-inch long razor fell out of the end of the roast. 

She contacted Costco, which alerted Butterball about the potentially hazardous situation.  Barto says the tiny razor was clearly packaged into the product at the Butterball factory and that she does not blame Costco for the incident. 

Barto says Butterball offered her money back, but she says that's not what she's concerned about.

"My feeling is if it's happened to one roast it's happened to several of them," said Barto.  "We're at the very start of the holiday season and a lot of people could be hurt."

Barto says she wants Butterball to investigate how a razor could have wound up in her roast.

"I don't think after Butterball's attitude about all this that I'm going to get anything from Butterball anymore," said Barto.  "Costco has other things, who knows, Butterball might not even be with Costco after this."

We were unable to contact Costco or Butterball about the incident.

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