Woman injured in moose attack released from hospital


MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana wildlife managers say the woman attacked by a moose on Blue Mountain near Missoula is home from the hospital and will make a full recovery.

NBC Montana reportedĀ  Thursday that the woman was walking several dogs off leash near the ATV trail and was injured when she tried to pull them away from a cow-moose and her calf.

In another incident this week, an antler hunter had to fire at a black bear chasing his dog in the Clearwater Drainage.

Wildlife manager Mike Thompson says, even if leashes aren't required, they're still a good thing to have when hiking in the back country with pets.

"If you let your dogs loose in the area where you're walking, you never know what you're going to bump into," said Thompson. "The best tool that you have when you bump into something unexpected is a leash, and then your problems pretty much go away."

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