Woman dies after falling into creek in GNP


WEST GLACIER, Mont. - A woman has died from drowning after she fell into a creek in Glacier National Park.

According to a press release issued by the park Monday, Abigail Sylvester, 33, died Sunday.

Sylvester fell into McDonald Creek Saturday afternoon, near the upper falls and was carried downstream.

Park officials say she was with her husband taking pictures when she slipped and fell into the creek. Her husband jumped in the creek to attempt to save her, but had to get out of the deep, fast moving water. 

Park rangers responded to call from a nearby visitor and found Sylvester about a half mile from where she fell in. The woman was carried over Lower McDonald Creek Falls which are about 30 feet tall.

According to the press release a family traveling the Going-to-the-Sun Road went to a bridge to search for the woman. The father, a volunteer firefighter,  waded into the water helped get Sylvester to a small island. The man, his son, visitors and park rangers helped perform CPR.

The woman was taken to Kalispell Regional Medical Center, where she died Sunday.

The park is conducting an investigation.

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