Winners chosen in Ernst Peterson 'Photograph Montana' contest


Ernst Peterson Photograph Montana Contest 5-9-14

HAMILTON, Mont. - Some of Montana's most extraordinary photographs of the year are on display at the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton.

The annual Ernst Peterson Photograph Montana Contest attracts both professional and amateur photographers.

The winners have been chosen for 2014.

The contest honors the late Ernst Peterson, a Hamilton native, whose work received national acclaim.

In the contest, a new generation of artists aspire to capture the magic Peterson left as a photographic legacy.

There are about a dozen categories, from scenic, to people, to humor. There are photos of dazzling color and of subdued black and white.

"This includes Montana," said Bill Whitfield of the Ravalli County Museum, "and that includes the Bitterroot Selway Wilderness, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier."

Barbara Garten won best of show. Her photograph features two horses running in a snow squall.

"These horses had started playing and bucking and running," said Garten, "so I snapped those horses running towards me, just in a second. It wasn't planned."

Her photograph captured what the judges were looking for in a superb photo.

Garten submitted several other entries too. One is of a wrangler riding a horse through a soft mountain light. She also snapped photos of snow geese, and of an eagle, and a magpie together.

There were 350 entries of diverse subjects, from animals and old trucks to mountain ranges, waterfalls and barns.

There's the joyous face of a girl who just graduated high school. There are butterflies and a blue bird perched in a lilac bush.

"It's pretty broad," said Whitfield. "We're just looking for the best of Montana."

Photographers who live in Montana shot pictures. So did people who visited Montana from out of state.

The photographs are on display at the Ravalli County Museum.

On Thursday, May 15, the public can talk to the judges and vote for their own favorite photo in the people's choice award.

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