Warm spring weather brings people back outside


Warm weather brings people outside

MISSOULA, Mont. - For the first time since September 21, the Missoula area topped the 70-degree mark. Highs Tuesday were 5 to 10 degrees above average for this time of year.

In the inversion-prone Missoula valley, any sunshine is welcome. The prime spring conditions meant that people found a way to get outside, even on a Tuesday.

The morning saw a packed parking lot at the main trailhead of the Blue Mountain Recreation Area. It's one of the first times many have ventured out for running, biking, hiking, or horseback riding. All across the valley people got outside to soak in the sun.

This warm spell won't last. The spring season is like a rollercoaster, marked by quick changes in weather. Temperatures will fall toward average heading into the weekend.

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