Voters to decide on Missoula schools technology levies


Voters to decide on Missoula schools technology levies (05-6-13)

MISSOULA, Mont. - By roughly 8:00 pm on Tuesday, Missoula school officials will know if voters have approved two technology levies. One technology levy would increase the annual Elementary levy by $548,000.  The other would increase the high school levy by $300,000.

The changes would increase the property taxes of homeowner with a $200,000 property by roughly $19 a year. School officials say the levies would help replace computers more often, and help prepare students for the work demands of the world they'll graduate into.

It has been a controversial year for Missoula County Public Schools, and that controversy has ended up part of the debate over whether the levies should be passed. In January, trustees approved a 13-percent raise for Superintendent Alex Apostle, worth $200,000 by the end of the three-year deal.

Ballots that include the technology levies were mailed out in mid-April, and voters have until 8:00 pm on Tuesday to drop off their ballots at designated locations.

To gather opinions, NBC Montana stopped by Hellgate High School on Monday. Some students explained that the computers they use are slow, and they think the money could go a long way. Others however, said the money could be spent on different things, like more books for classes.

Students also explained that Apostle's raise is still very much a hot topic in the hallways.

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