Volunteers salvage avalanche survivors's belongings


Volunteers salvage avalanche survivors's belongings

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Lower Rattlesnake was clogged with vehicles Sunday as dozens and dozens of volunteers combed through the ruins of Friday's avalanche.

It was a meticulous salvage effort by friends and neighbors.

It's like an archeological dig, as volunteers sift through snow soaked items the avalanche left behind when it took Fred Allendorf and Michel Colville's house.

The well known Missoula couple remain hospitalized.

Fred is a retired University of Montana professor.

Michel is an artist and singer.

Rebecca Holman held up a poster board which looked like it could have been part of an Ansel Adams display photograph.

"She has stained glass," said the volunteer,"They have water colors. He has valuable books."

Friend Tarn Ream held up a dollar bill somebody found in the wet from the government of Belize.

"We're bagging up any personal items and moving it to a storage unit where we have more people working,"said Ream.

The house where 8-year-oild Phoenix Scholes lived remains intact.

Neighbors are inspired by the resilience of the youngster, and his sister who also survived the avalanche.

People from all over the state came to help.

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