Volunteers knock on doors for Trick or Vote


MISSOULA, Mont. - Trick-or-treaters weren't the only ones going door-to-door on Halloween.

More than 170 volunteers from Forward Montana knocked on doors and registered people to vote for their annual "Trick or Vote" event.

They're still working on a final tally, but the goal was have volunteers visit at least 7,000 houses.

"Halloween always falls right before the election, so we go out, we get young, energized volunteers out there, knocking on doors, reminding people to vote. It's a non-partisan event, and it is awesome," said Andrea Marcoccio, a Forward Montana organizer.

Forward Montana has already surpassed their goal of registering 10,000 people before Election Day.

To date, volunteers have registered 11,423 people to vote next week.

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