Victor 6th grader writes story for national children's TV show


Victor 6th grader writes story for national children's TV show 4-11-13

VICTOR, Mont. - The literary talent of a Victor Middle School student's landed him in the national spotlight.

Green Screen Adventures is an award winning children's TV show that promotes literacy.

It selects writings and illustrations from kids all over the country, and produces their stories for television.

KECI,, KCFW and KTVM will air the program on METV, Saturday, April 13th at 7 a.m.

Wyatt Day's short story has been transferred to the small screen.

The Victor student reads an excerpt.

"You are in my secret fort," he reads, "I'll cast my spell on you. Rats and pie, pie and rats..."

It's the story of a boy, a secret hideout, a witch who cast spells ,and of course, pirates.

Wyatt is 11-years old.

He's always writing stories.

"I like any kind of adventure story," said the  youngster as he was on his lunch hour from classes at Victor Middle School.

Kimberly King is Wyatt's teacher.

Her class has writing workshops, and has had classes on original Greek myths, poetry and even 6 word memoirs.

"She had us write original stories," said Wyatt, "which was my favorite part."

Mrs. King said Wyatt does work on his own outside of school.

"He wants to be a writer," said Mrs. King.

"I want to be an author,"said Wyatt, "but I kinda' want to be Coast Guard too."

Pirate adventure stories are always big in Victor.

Pirates are the school mascot.

Mrs. King said there is lots to write about in Victor, and because Victor  kids are so active, they're always creative.

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