Veteran memorial signed in as state monument


MISSOULA, Mont. - A veterans memorial on the University of Montana campus is now recognized as a state monument.

The bronze statues depicting a child, his teacher and grandparents standing in front of a battle cross, will be listed as a place of interest in Montana.

The location will be highlighted on maps and brochures printed by the state departments of transportation and commerce.

David Bell is a co-founder of Grateful Nation Montana, a group dedicated to helping veterans and their families with higher education.

Bell's organization spurred talks about the statute back in 2007. It was finally erected in 2011.

Bell was at the signing of the bill Monday morning in the capital.

"This has, from the start, been a very popular bill," Bell said. "It passed 100-0 in the House and 50-0 in the Senate. It's not about Democrats, and it's not about Republicans. This is about Montanans."

The bill passed unanimously through the house, carried by Republican Champ Edmonds. It then passed unanimously through the state senate carried by Democrat Cliff Larson.

Governor Steve Bullock signed the bill Monday morning at the state capital.

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