Unofficial school election results in for Ravalli County


MISSOULA, Mont. - In Hamilton, Mark Yoakam and Demaris Keefe Moore were selected to fill two 3-year seats on the board of trustees. Yoakam received 36 percent of the vote, Moore received 34 percent, and Dee Hensley-Maclean pulled in 30 percent.

Also in Hamilton, Lee Tickell was selected to fill a 1-year seat on the board of trustees.  Tickell received 54 percent of the vote.  His opponent Terry Nelson, a write-in, pulled in 46 percent of the vote. 

Two 3-year terms on the Florence-Carlton school board were up for election this year. Incumbent Pat Appleby won re-election with the highest number of votes. Colby Reynolds beat out incumbent Michael Greger for the second seat, with 24 percent to Greger's 21 percent. William Hester and Nick Monaco were also on the ballot.

In an effort to cut Hamilton School District's budget shortfall, a proposition was on the ballot to sell Grantsdale School property.  The proposition passed 1,723 to 915. 

Two 4-year seats on the Lone Rock Park District were up for vote.  Matt Pendergast received 39 percent of the vote and William Gary Leese took 27 percent to fill the seats.  Additionally, Russel Giese received 21 percent of the vote and Sterling Valtkamp got 13 percent.

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