University officials keep close eye on campus crime stats


University officials keep close eye on campus crime stats

MISSOULA, Mont. - Data from the Department of Education lists reported crimes on college campuses for 2012. But what happens once the stats are compiled?

Every university is required to report their stats yearly. The list of criminal offenses includes everything from murder to arson.

Here's just a sample of data we pulled from the University of Montana, Montana State University and Eastern Washington University. From 2010 to 2012 UM had 23 reports of forcible sex offenses on campus, EWU had 22 reports and MSU had 13. For burglary reports EWU reported the most with 62, MSU had 45 reports and UM had just nine.

University officials said they review the numbers every year and pinpoint problem areas to come up with solutions. For example, in 2010 when EWU had a high number of burglary reports -- 35 -- they installed more security cameras. As a result fewer burglaries were reported the next two years -- 16 in 2011 and 11 in 2012.  

Regardless of the numbers, most students we talked to on the Montana campuses said they feel safe.

To read the full reports on these campuses and others click here.

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