UM students move back into residence halls


MISSOULA, Mont. - Students are streaming into Missoula as classes are set to begin this coming Monday, August 26.

Early move-in at the University of Montana began last Saturday. UM students are charged $19.50 per night to stay in their residence hall until the first day of their housing contract this Saturday, August 24.

Saturday marks the official beginning of the move-in period for the University of Montana.  We learned UM currently has 2,285 housing contracts on file for the fall term. They are 117 spaces below capacity. Out of the remaining spaces, those for men are much fewer than those for women, meaning temporary overflow housing may be used for the first week of classes.

A big concern is parking -- part of why UM has a week-long early move in period.  Officials we spoke to ask that once belongings are unloaded from vehicles, those vehicles should be moved farther from the residence halls so everyone can have as short a walk to their hall as possible. Many parking spaces are "Quick Stop", which restrict parking to 20 minutes per vehicle.

For more information, visit the residence life website for UM.

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